3pin Male To Female For RC Futaba JR Servo Cable

3pin Male to Female for RC Futaba JR Servo cable
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3pin Male to Female for RC Futaba JR Servo cable

Servo extension cable comes in very handy when your servo is further away from the controller than the wire on the servo allows. Male connector on one end goes to controller, female connector mates with servo.
Fits all Hitec, Futaba, JR, Multiplex, and Airtronics Z servos. Wire can also be used as a simple 0.1" jumper cable.
These wires have a weird naming convention. Both ends of this wire have what, in most cases, should be called a female connector; but, for these wires, the presence (or lack thereof) of the plastic shroud is what makes an end female or male.
Using environmentally friendly materials (in line with the RHOS standard) and a number of high quality oxygen free copper production, standard 60core.
Cable: 22AWG
Copper core: 60
Copper diameter: 0.08mm
Cable daimeter: 1.5mm
Length: 150 mm
Connector: 1* Futaba female, 1* JR male

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