DuPont Dual Row 2.0mm Pitch Wiring Harness

DuPont Dual Row 2.0mm Pitch Wiring Harness
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DuPont Dual Row 2.0mm Pitch Wiring Harness

Connector:dupont 2.0mm      

Wire color:white red and blue, or custom.

Wire Range:26awg to 30awg

Cable length: total length 150mm or custom.

Our factory has the rich experience for the drawing design, we can make the drawing according to the customer different requests to carry on the process of wire harness.

The company's products have extremely high safety performance. Whether it is waterproof, high temperature resistant, seismic resistance or anti-puncture, it has undergone many tests and certifications.

With UL VW-1 and CSA Ft1 vertical flame resistance test, the insulation thickness is uniform.

Processing at both ends of the harness can be processed according to customer's requirements.

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