Jst VH 3.96mm Pitch Female Connector Cable

Jst VH 3.96mm Pitch Female Connector cable
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Jst VH 3.96mm Pitch Female Connector cable

Product Name: Terminal Connector Wire Cable; Pitch: 3.96mm; Main Color: White , Black and Red

Plug connector type: this product includes 2 pin plug female connectors, and they are matched, easy and convenient to install

Wide applications: this set of female electrical wires can be widely applied, such as remote control helicopter, indoor 3D plane and LED strips.

Cable wire measurement: each adapter has 2 pieces of wires, one is black, the other is red, they are both approx. 20cm in length, 1.6mm in diameter.

Plug connector material: plastic and Copper Wire

This Jst VH 3.96mm Pitch Female Connector cable,the other side is stripped and tinned, the stripped length can be custom,if you have requirement of the cable,please feel free to contact us.

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