Omron Switch Wiring Harness

Omron switch wiring harness
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Omron switch wiring harness

Omron switches can be used in high-reliability applications such as dust and high humidity, and in the field of small loads.The connector adopts Molex 2510 series connector, which has stable performance and firm contact. Use UL1007 series wire, good conductivity.

The conductor use tinned copper. We use UL VW-1 flame resistance test to ensure PVC is reliable, the materials is environmentally friendly and ROHS certificated. All products use manual detection, use eyes to detect, power continuity test and use optical discriminator to detect that to ensure product no complaint.

Our company insists on selecting the best material, reliable technology, and several passes through visual inspection, optical measurement and continuity test. The inspection ensures that the product has zero error at the factory and ensures the stability of the product. It can effectively reduce equipment failure rate and improve equipment efficiency.

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