PHD2.0 Connector 2*4PIN 8P Wiring Harness

Place of Origin: Quzhou, Zhejiang Imported No Order: Number 20201627 Brand :Holly Item No. 20201627 Model PHD2.0 Electronic Cable Wire core material: Bare copper wire Number of cores: 7C Sheath material: Glass fiber Maximum outer diameter of wire:0.127 (mm) Nominal cross section :1.27 (mm2) Customized processing :Yes
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Product Details

product length : 85mm 

Product advantages: cold resistance, high temperature resistance, humidity resistance, transmission stability, high-quality production, professional customization according to customer needs, providing comprehensive data transmission solutions

Product features: good appearance, plastic parts must not have injection defects, metal parts must not have defects such as scratches or deformation, and the on-off performance meets the specified requirements

Products are widely used in: electronic and electrical instrumentation where the PCB circuit is blocked or isolated and unconnected, which acts as a bridge between the circuits and undertakes the task of current or signal transmission. It is usually used in conjunction with the header to form a board to board. connection

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