ATM Machine Line

Brand:HOLLY Model:ZN1100-01 Type: Board to wire Operating frequency: Low frequency Application range: PCB interface type: DC / DC Shape Strip Line Length :1500 (mm) Production Process :Cold Press Custom processing: Yes Features: Fire resistance / flame retardant Contact material: Copper
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The ATM wire harness mainly uses computer technology and microelectronic technology to make the equipment more automated, precise, and controllable. The quality of the wire harness is directly related to the use of machine equipment. According to customer requirements, the connector is TYCO ( Tyco connector). MOLEX and other brands, the terminal is made of high-precision copper with good contact performance, the connector insulator material is NL66 and reaches 94vo grade, to ensure accurate signal transmission and product stability, electronic cables have passed UL, VDE, CCC, JIS Certification, wire green and environmental protection, with environmental protection test report.

Features: Flame retardant, high temperature resistance, waterproof, reliable connection

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