Futaba JR Servo Extension Cable

For RC Car, plane and helicopter servo connection or receiver connection
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Product Details

The Futaba JR Servo Extension Cable Using environmentally friendly materials (in line with the RHOS standard) and a number of high quality oxygen free copper production, standard 60 core.

The Futaba JR Cable has two plug for your chioce:Futaba female, JR male.

Four lengths for for your chioce: 15cm 30cm 45cm 60cm

Anti interference steering line of high quality, very soft rubber, good flexibility, is the best choice for you DIY.

Anti interference type servo extension line, can effectively prevent various interference signals.

60 core servo extension line,with large current,and small internal resistance,is the best partner of large TOC, unmanned aircraft.Moreover, the anti-interference ability of the twisted pair is better than that of the parallel lines.


Cable: 22AWG

Copper core: 60

Copper diameter: 0.08mm

Cable daimeter: 1.5mm

Length: 15/30/45/60 cm

Connector: 1* Futaba female, 1* JR male

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