Jst Xh Cable For Semi-automatic Coffee Machine

Jst xh cable for Semi-automatic coffee machine
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Jst xh cable for Semi-automatic coffee machine

Semi-automatic coffee machine, commonly known as the handle machine, is a traditional coffee machine in Italy.The machine grinds, presses, loads, polishes and removes residue manually.This kind of machine has small single bibcock domestic machine, also has double bibcock, three bibcock large commercial machine, the newer machine also has the electronic water control, can accurately and automatically control the water amount of brewing coffee.

This type of machine is made mainly in Italy, where it is very popular.Its main characteristics are: the machine structure is simple, reliable work, easy maintenance, according to the correct use of the method can produce high-quality Italian coffee.The disadvantage of the machine is also an advantage: the operators have to be trained to make high-quality coffee with the machine, and good baristas can provide customized coffee.

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