Robot Wiring Harness

Robot Wiring Harness

Brand: Holly Model:ZN8600-01 Type:Board to wire Operating frequency: Low frequency Application range:Smart terminal Interface type: DC / DC Shape Strip Line: Length 1000 (mm) Production Process: Cold Press Custom processing: Yes Features: Fire resistance / flame retardant Contact material: Copper
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Product Details

The connectors are selected from AMP, MOLEX, JST, KST and other brand original materials, using gold-plated MDR connectors to reduce contact resistance and ensure stable signal transmission.

The wire uses 24AWG, 22AWG towline special cable, TPU outer cover: wear-resistant, oil-resistant elasticity, cable shielding rate> 85%: anti-interference, machine operation is stable, the number of towline up to 5 million times, the cable uses tensile cotton .

Product application scenarios: Widely used in robots, printing industry, packaging industry, textile industry, CNC industry, electronic assembly industry, etc.

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