XT30 Male To XT60 Female Plug Connector Adapter Wire For Drone

Package Dimensions 15*9*1cm Item Weight 91g
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Product Details

High Quality XT30 Male to XT60 Female Plug Connector Adapter

Used for convert battery with XT30 to XT60 on ESC / Charger / Power Distribution board on FPV Drone

Solid XT60H Sheath Housing Connector Plug, no need heat shrink tube, enhances overall performance in handling and durability

Super Soft and Flexible 16AWG Silicone Wires, save time to solder

Pack of 4pcs xt30 to xt60 adapter with wire

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Specification Male Connector: XT-30 Style Female Connector: XT-60 Style Wire Length: 10cm Wire Guage: 16awg silicone Used For: Convert Battery with XT30 to XT60 on Electronic Speed Control, Power Distribution board on Drones and for Charger


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