Wiring Harness 265 PH Wiring Harness JC20 Terminal Wire

Place of Origin: Zhejiang Brand Name: Holly Model Number: 2651-26 5 + 5 Harness PH-10 Application: PCB
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Product Details

Product name
Wiring harness 265 wiring harness PH wiring harness JC20 terminal wire
Product length
Can be customized
Connect method
Male & Female ends push in
Interface Type
Cold pressing
Product color
Fire resistance
Product material
Pure Copper
Product features
Stable and reliable connection
Product use
LED products, wires, circuit boards
About us
The factory can process the internal wiring of various electrical appliances, home appliances and other products. All processed
products can change the size of any part according to the requirements of customers. It can provide material descriptions,
certification certificates, etc. of various raw materials, and can be based on customers. 3. The drawings require the processing
of various connector processing products.

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