Xt-60 To Ec2 Connector Balance Charge Adapter Cable

xt-60 to ec2 connector Balance Charge Adapter cable
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xt-60 to ec2 connector Balance Charge Adapter cable

One side is XT60 connector, the other side is EC2 connector 

Materials:14AWG Silicone wire or custom
Length: 20cm or custom
Please refer to the picture. If you need other types, please contact me directly and provide samples or specifications.
Certification: All products have passed UL, REACH, ROHS and other standards certification.

The quality of the wire harness material directly affects the quality of the wire harness. The choice of wire harness’ material is related to the quality and service life of the wire harness. 

The factory can process the internal wiring of various electrical appliances, home appliances and other products. All processed products can change the size of any part according to the requirements of customers. It can provide material descriptions, certification certificates, etc.

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